Proposals for Being

Our conception of the world, affected by sociality, is how we perceive the world. Privileged access to conceptual language has led to the delineation of reality. Absolute truth is at the cost of all collective awareness. By accepting a singular perception of the world you reduce yourself from societal collectivity to individual singularity. We forget the world around us; this is the danger of such ignorance.  

Reading is a function of mediation. It reveals our influences and desires. As we read, we engage in a recognition of sublimation. Ideology demands a specific reading and through the lens of our own desire we create other readings. This doubleness of reading calls into question authorial and readerly intent. What was intended and how was it received? 

I believe that translation is the self-conscious act of reading. For translation requires an acknowledgement of that which deviates from absolute meaning. This recognition of the multiplicity of signification within reading re-grounds us to the contexts of our being. Not only does translation highlight relationality but also it illuminates the biases and limitations of language.   

I am one of the world. Through your perception, I conceive myself. 

Proposals for Being is a collection of drawings. Each drawing is an attempt to reinstate myself within society through digital and physical grounding. Drawing with time and space I seek to trace collective existence with physical experiences. We exist in a world where alienation is self-destructive thus the immediacy to affirm collectivity is crucial. 

The body of work lies within all of its fragmented pieces. Each video, 3-D model, image still, and performance is as essential and equivalent to the next. The performances, which will occur every Saturday, are the physical translations of my answers to the following inquiries:

I view these inquiries as a score and the movements within each performance as a translation. A translation is an indication of that which cannot be translated and therefore points toward otherness. 

By publishing this series I implore my audience to continue to translate the score as well as ground themselves within the world.

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